“The Sinner”

“The heart knows” is a bold lie.
It knows what it loves but is never certain of what it lusts.
It is never explained how your lips can crave a different flavor than the one they taste on the regular.
Only through deep self exploration,
Liberating observation,
Can you admit to your own reflection that being Desire’s concubine is something you could handle.
A restless demon neither stability nor structure can defeat.
A deep hunger for flesh and a thirst for holy nectar.


She howls at night when the light is dimmed,
She implores for a finger to suck on,
Or a drop to sip.
Containing such creature is a perpetuous battle,
Even harsher when the enemy plays with your senses and fragile wisdom.
Through her rythm she curses me,
Unable to control my mind, dancing around the idea of her,
We move slowly, succumbing to the gentle rubbing of cloths soon to be unuseful.
I must stand strong, stand mighty
Look at the menace in the eyes.
She threatens my internal peace.
My inner energy flow must stay in check,
Is it really a defeat if it feeds the soul ?
Systems in place are all failing,
Letting go is a seductive alternative,
Tempation steals my breath.
Her aura feels dangerous,
Her intentions strangely heart warming.
Like a hand tightening around your neck,
Heavy on the skin but delicious on your conscience.

The tone, her tone, it resonates,
Echoes in the dreams you didn’t have yet,
But she will undoubtedly show up again, uninvited,
To pull your hair and cause shivers,
Giving a brand new meaning to how it feels to be a sinner.



J'ai des jolis mots, parfois.

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