The Empyrean

Manman Dilo
2 min readSep 6, 2019


The sky looks wider here.
In the most litteral sense.
I can see and touch more of it.
Like a mystical cloth extending beyond us to protect every living thing beneath its protection.
It looks grander, it crosses over time itself.
Early in our morning, its awakening,
I can see all the stages of its life.
From the warm aura of their daughter,
To the bright mightiness of their son.

The sky feels wider here.
Like the closer you get to the Ecuator,
The more deserving you are of being its friend.
It makes sense.
Everything makes more sense.
My very existence makes more sense on familiar ground.
The way I navigate the world here feels effortless.
As if having to sacrifice pieces of my sanity for each task I'm supposed to achieve under the narrow sky of the narrow nose people is in fact unatural. Inhumane. Exhausting

The sky feels wider here, home.
And this time I shall not forget it like I used to,
When its scent and taste got replaced in my memories by the sensation of acid rain falling down from a sky that isn't mine.
I shall put it on the highest pedestal in my heart.
Make an invisible idol out of it so I can worship it in my mind each moment of doubt,
Each moment my body wanders astray from my self,
Each moment I feel like a sky that isn't mine is about to fall upon me.

The sky feels like home, here.
It belongs to us like we belong to it.
We observe each other,
We sense the other's rythm,
We act accordingly.
We rise early, as it does too.
But when it shows signs of heavy eyes,
We stay up and pay loudness as a tribute to the clouds,
Movements of our own celestial bodies are offered to the night stars.
Some of us need more.
I need more.
So every day I go meet my heavenly mother.
I sit under the reassuring light of her daughter,
Only for a few minutes,
Until the piercing light of her son warns me of his arrival.

I welcome each member of this family as my own.
Each sibling,
Wether heavenly beings or earthly creatures,
Is my blood as I am theirs.
It shall only shed for them,
Indeed, I shall only bleed for us.

As is my ultimate wish,
Before one day joining my ascendance in the Empyrean.



Manman Dilo

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