Manman Dilo
1 min readAug 9, 2019

She came in and vandalized everything.

Light reflecting on her silky black shell,
Her exterior being was an alluring secret only she and her creators knew.
But what she embodied was frightening,
In the most outrageously delicious way.

Introspection got me,
Diving out of myself,
Straight into her pool of transcending potion.
I felt the freezing water sensation on my skin as I tried to remember who I was,
And why I was.
I felt the warmth of each droplet as I was reminded of who I could be,
And who I always were.
It is now a matter of ownership.
Over this new shelter I’ve been given.
Over the shifting shapes it, and I, can now take.
The opportunity and duty of occupying this space has fallen upon my shoulders.
A blessed burden granting me knowledge on my veritable strength.

My home has been wrecked, and I am grateful.
For it was not broken by wickedness of the heart.
The walls I deemed secure were made of falsehoods and have rightfully fallen before her might.

She came bearing the gift of my truth,
And I shall curl my tongue in impossible ways until I speak this language of verity.